Jasper Server configuration import


I have the jasper server installed/configured(with jrxmls,datasources,organizations,users) on a linux machine(suppose A)  with Oracle DB and is running fine.

Now i want to import the same jasper server configuration of (A)  over another machine(B). Note:[ (B) has jasper server installed and connected with Oracle DB only ]

How can i do this ? how ?

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1 Answer:

Do a repository export on machine A and an import on B. You will find the import/export scripts under <jasperserver-install>/buildomatic/...

> A and B should be the same versions of JS (not CE and Professional...)

> You will have to use the overwrite flag on import potentially

> The import doesn´t delete data on B which you don´t want to have anymore

Would it be possibly to simply create a DB backup an A and get that to B?

Cheers, Thomas


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