Create a Bar Chart from a list/array

I have a variable of type List (ArrayList in fact) that contains numbers. How can I plot that numbers in a Bar Chart? What should I enter in Series Category Expression?

Complete story:

I'm using an XML datasource. One of its fields is:


So I've created a variable with those values splitted like this:

<variable name="arraylist" class="java.util.List">

Now I want to plot the values in a Bar Chart but... what should I write here?

The list of values will always have 20 values (size=20), if that simplifies the problem.

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1 Answer:

You could create a subdataset that has a field called _THIS, use the subdataset for the chart with new$V{arraylist}), and set $F{_THIS} as category and value expressions.



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DId it work for yu ? if so can u please share ur jrxml here as I am stuck in same kind of scenario

ruchiagraw - 7 years 10 months ago