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The question is simple...I want to hide a row group in a crosstab depending on a parameter.

For example see the attached pdf file for which I want to hide the first column, the one with Project 5, Project 5, All projects etc. 

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3 Answers:

I think, hiding the coumn is not the right way and works not really good:

Minimize the column width and fields to 1px, use an empty expression for the fields.

Other ways to do it:

1) Structure and order your query for the crosstab so that the data can be shown without (re-)ordering by the crosstab (the most efficient approach, by the way), set the flag "Crosstab data is sorted" (or similar, I do not remember exactly) in the settings of the crosstab. Like this, you do not need two row groups, only use the second one.

2) Use one row group with a concatenated row expression of two columns (e.g. "Project 5;r1"). In the presentation you can split the bucket expression and show only "r1" in the text fileds. Like this the data can be ordered by the crosstab itself.

Cheers, Thomas


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Explore the bucket expression and Comparator expression.. There may be a chance with these properties of a particular group.


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I think we first need to agree on the terminology.

My understanding is that here we are talking about hidding "crosstab row group headers cells".

These cells are the ones that constitute the columns that appear on the left, and contain the row group header information, helping to identify different row groups.

The easiest way to solve this is by enhancing our crosstab definition model to accept a printWhenExpression for row group header cell definitions.

If my understanding is correct and you still need this, please log a RFE on the trackers.



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