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Hi. I'm new with jaspersoft, trying make a report and i'm stuck. And sorry for my english in advance.

So. I have a background grid of lines with exactly 23 pixels height, have same height band with fields.

Like this: /sites/default/files/files/Fail.jpg

When a create a report i got the: /sites/default/files/files/FailResult.jpg

Line 2 look's pretty, line 3 start with right coordinates but ends too early. I thought my stretched band must be 23*3 height for three rows, and 23*6 for 6 rows.

How i can achieve this? Thanks.

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Do not use a "background grid". Simply set "Padding and borders" to your text fileds by right-clicking.

To stretch all text fileds in a row in common when one of them is stretched, set value "Stretch type = Relative to ..."

Cheers, Thomas

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all of my rows must be one fixed size. 23pix. So, if i will use you method they will be random size

uwbwyz34 - 7 years 9 months ago

Possibly I do not understand rightly... Why do you use line breaks "\n" in your text field expressions? Isn´t it possible to have single expressions in a detail? Then you could set the height of the text field to 23px statically and draw the border around the fields, instead of trying to create a "background grid"

Thomas Zimmer - 7 years 9 months ago