Create domain/ad hoc view using user data on jasperreports-server-5.1

Hi, I am using jasperreports-server-5.1 to design domain/ad hoc view in jasperserver designer. I went through couple of posts but not able to figure out how can I create domain/ad hoc view by using user data i.e. username, userid etc properties. So when running a report I will get logged in user specific data in a report. I tried putting select * from user where username = $P{LoggedInUser}.getUserName() in derived query of domain designer, it shouts syntax error. Is there any way to achieve the same. I think JRXML is one of the option, which we don't want to use as we only want to use jasperserver to design and run reprots. Can someone help me on the same. -Puneet
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1 Answer:

With domains, you can add domain security to do the filtering you are after.


With a topic, you can use the $P{LoggedInUser} in the underlying query.



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