How to edit Ad Hoc View in Jaspersoft BI Server (AWS)


I can create a domain, and then create an Ad Hoc View using the domain, but when I go to the list of Ad Hoc Views and select one, the "Edit" button at the top is always grayed out/disabled. 

This happens no matter what permissions/roles that I have. 

I've seen the wiki article  but is that the *only* way to edit an Ad Hoc View after creating one?




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Hi John,

You edit the Ad Hoc View just by clicking it. The "edit" button works differently for different repository objects, and it's just not applicable for Ad Hoc Views.

When you click the Ad Hoc View, it opens in the Ad Hoc editor. If this still isn't clear, respond back with what you're trying to edit / change and I'll explain how it's done.

Thanks for trying Jaspersoft BI for AWS!

Mary Flynn



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