Quickest way to get reports into JasperServer

Hi there,

We currently use the Jasper Reports Library solution and generate our reports ourselves in java code.  We, however, want to move the reports to their own dedicated reports server (Community Edition) and call them via web services.

What is the fastest/best way to get a lot of reports into the report server and modify their file based image resources to something that will work in Jasper Reports Server?



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Hi tony ,


The fastest/best method could be that you could sync the Jasper Repository with iReport so that you could directly induct a report in the repository, excluding all the tantrums need to be followed in normal scenario.

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You could use the import/export-tools (buildomatic scripts dir). When you understood the repository structure xml once, you can fast copy/paste new entries and upload your repository content fast. But of course, that´s kind of error-prone...

Cheers, Thomas


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