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Some one help me to know about which version of jaspersoft come under community edition(Free of cost) and which modules come under community edition.

Please give the URL to download the community edition of jaspersoft studio (jasperserver,ireport designer). Immediate response will be helpful to us. Thanks.

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Hi.. Here is the link for down loading Jasper community editon. 


When you click on the particular software you will redirect to Sourceforge site and there you can find the versions to download. 

In the left side of the page you can find all community jasper products which are cost free where as in the right side you can find commerical editon for those you need buy licence. And commercial is given as 30 day tiral in the site. you can down load and explore the things related to jasper.

* Jaspersoft Studio still in development and it is not released as Commercial. 

* There are a lots of difference b/w Commerical or Community.

* Community doesn't provide functionalites like Domain Reports, HTML Chats, Charts-Pro, Widgets-Pro and etc in iReport and Ad-hoc reporting,Domain Creation and etc are not available with community. 

For the more information refere community site or pdf's given by the softwares. 





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Thanks for immediate reply.. this would help me

rajinikarb - 6 years 4 months ago

Have a look here for comparison:


Cheers, Thomas

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