is jaspersoft studio available for free licence?



I have downloaded jaspersoft studio and downloaded successfully one month back. Initially it did not showned up that its 30 days trail version. but, after 25 days, a alert message is showed "5 days left to expire licence."  My concern is,  jaspersoft studio available free of cost without expiration.

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only the Community Edition is available for free, under the EPL license terms.
You can download it from the project page or directly go to the following URL on sourceforge:

If you wish you can use the plugin version for Eclipse, installing it from the dedicated MarketPlace page:

Since the version you are using is showing the warning, I suppose you have downloaded the Beta version of Jaspersoft Studio Professional 5.1.0. Is it correct?
After license expiration the behavior is the same as in iReport Professional. If you try to compile/run/preview a report with Pro components like Fusion Charts/Maps/Widgets or the new HTML5 Charts an blocking error will be raised.

If you already have a valid license, please click on the menu item Help > License Manager in order to install the correct one.
Otherwise you should contact support or who gave you access to the Beta Program.

I hope this helps.
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Earlier we have downloaded the software from
iReport Designer is working fine but Jasperserver stopped functioning.
We wanted to be sure that the software we are downloading is inaccessible after 30 days. Inputs on this will be highly appreciated.

npradkumar - 6 years 4 months ago

It's not clear to me what is currently happening in your environment.
The version of Jaspersoft Studio available at the location listed above is the Community one. So no 30 days trial.
Evaluation versions (30-days) of Jaspersoft products are available through the main site.
For example:
This gives you access to the so-called Professional versions.

Please clarify where this popup is appearing: JasperServer, iReport or Jaspersoft Studio?

mrabbi - 6 years 4 months ago

Jaspersoft Studio is a report designer just like iReport (actually it is an evolution of iReport).
JasperReports Server is a web application used to consume reports, and it is available in two versions: community (free of charge) and Professional.

There is currently no version of Jaspersoft Studio expiring in 30 days available for download, so you must referencing to a trial of JasperReports Server Professional.
If you downloaded JasperReports Server Community Edition, it will not prompt you any license warning.

Again, I have to assume that you are using a trial version of JasperReports Server Professional. In that case it may stop working in 30 days after the expiration of the trial period. Consider to download the proper free version of JasperReports Server.



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