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Hello Everyone,

We are trying to develop some reports to be viewed on a mobile phone browser (iPhone or Android) and are having some issues getting the report to center and size approriately. I think it may be a combination browser/HTML presentation layer issue, but I was wondering if anyone has run into this and has any thoughts as to settings that may make the HTML presentation more "mobilized"

For example, a report was created with the dimensions 640x700. When viewed in an Android browser like Dolphin it looks like this:


When viewing it with a browser which "mobilizes" content (such as Opera Mini), it looks like this:


And in JasperMobile like this:


Ideally, the report should fill up the mobile screen and, perhaps, adjust font sizes for a mobile view. I am pretty sure JRS doesn't do this out of the box but I was hoping for some workarounds.



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