Formatting issues in rich text fields while generating pdf reports

We are using jasper reports v 3.7.6 to generate pdf reports in our project. We are getting some formatting issues while exporting rich text content to pdf.

e.g. If I export the html content (see the attached file sampleContent.html ) using Jasper reports, Then I get the pdf outcome as attached in the screenshot. Although the content renders properly in browser.


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2 Answers:

I think the size could be different or the font style may be different.check it once

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Hi rsuddhala,

I have checked my code again. There are no different size and font style for last "li" element.
Have you checked the attached sampleContent.html file? Actually the problem is that inner "span" element of last "li" tag is not inheriting the styles from parent "ul" element.

dheerajaggarwal - 9 years 9 months ago

Hi, dheerajaggarwal.

I want to offer some help. But I am using another document and PDF SDK instead of jasper reports v 3.7.6. Because I prefer the one whose way of processing is simple and fast when I need to do with the conversion work.It saves a lot of time for me. It is just one of many but I do appreciate its simple way of processing. Even though I only tried its free trial package to generate and process PDF and didn′t check the cost and licensing conditions, it worked great for me. Besides, this site also gives a lot of tutorials for processing different kinds of document and image formats using VB.NET. Share with you. And I hope you success. Good luck.

Best regards,

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Generate and process PDF is one way , convert to Word html text etc is well with pdf converter.

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