Is there a way to change organization name in the AWS version?

The Manage tab only shows Users, Roles, and Server Settings, even when logged on with a user with administrator, superuser, etc..

Is there a way to change the organization name from "organization_1"? (which has a display name of: "Organization")

Thanks for any pointers

edit: Actually, it looks like according to /usr/share/tomcat7/webapps/jasperserver-pro/WEB-INF/actionModel-navigation.xml -- that section of the code that enables Organizations in the Manage Menu is for Jasper Pro only:

<condition test="showMTMenuItem"><option action="primaryNavModule.navigationOption" actionargs="organization" labelkey="NAV_055_TENANT"></option></condition>
<condition test="showMTMenuItem"></condition>

If that's true, I can understand limiting the menu item, but there should be some other way for Jaspersoft AWS customers to change the organization name

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Asking it another way:
Has anyone been able to change their organization name to something other than "Organization" when running the AWS version of Jaspersoft BI Server? 

Or are there all these installations out there that have just given up and resigned to be "Organization" instead of "Acme Inc" (for instance) ?


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Hi John,

This is the default organization that exists in all JasperReports Server editions. Jaspersoft BI for AWS currently does not support multi-tenancy, so all users and objects belong to the default org named "Organization".  (See
Unfortunately, there is not a way to rename the default organization through the UI. It is possible through a customization (a database update and possibly coding), but it's not recommended. The name "Organization" is more noticeable when you're logged in as an administrator (superuser or jasperadmin) than as a non-administrator. 
If you're interested in branding the user interface so it more closely matches your users' look and feel expectations (e.g., colors, company logo), you can learn about Themes in the JasperReports Server Ultimate Guide, section 11.1: Changing the UI with Themes. The link to version 5.0 is (requires registration). You could make simple modifications yourself using the instructions in the Ultimate Guide, or you could work with a Jaspersoft implementation partner or Jaspersoft professional services for more extensive changes.
I hope this helps.
Mary Flynn


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Thanks for the response. I wonder then if the JASPERREPORTSSERVER
ADMINISTRATORGUIDE RELEASE 5.1 is just in error at the start of Chapter 2 "ORGANIZATION, USER, ANDROLEMANAGEMENT" where they say:

"Community edition users, and administrators of deployments with a default single organization can generally skip this
section. However, this procedure can be used to change the name of the default organization."

mr.john.lynn - 10 years 3 months ago

On the compare editions page the AWS edition is marked as supported multi tenancy.

Is it coming or it the chart just wrong?

carlt - 9 years 9 months ago