Steps to change jasperserver tomcat port.


Please can you specify steps to change jasperserver tomcat port from 8080(default) to 8888.

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1 Answer:

you could have selected that within the installation...

1) shutdown the jasperserver

2) to change later, modify the "server.xml" in "/apache-tomcat/conf/"

Search for

Connector port="8080"

and change for your needs. if there is another tomcat instance running on your system, it would be a good idea to change the shutdown port as well.

3) start the server

Cheers, Thomas

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It worked!!!
Thanks Thomas for your help.

suhasg - 9 years 3 months ago

Hello Thomas,

I have tried your solution it works fine on local server where I have only WAMP server installed but on my remote server where I have WAMP server and IIS installed the same change doesn't work. I also stopped IIS service while following above steps. Please help me.


suhasg - 9 years 3 months ago

Hi Suhas,
What is the relation between the remote WAMP and IIS?
Before changing the port for your apache, check if the new port is free on your remote system (use telnet or netstat)

Thomas Zimmer - 9 years 3 months ago