attach query input controls to the report

hi all, I'm fairly new to jasper report and I am using Jasper Server UI / AWS instance to create reports, whit MySql database, I have three query input controls which depend on each other, I need the report take the value of the last selected input query and change the values ​​in the report.
The report is created ad hoc view, without filters.
What do I need to do this?
How did I do to connect the input query to the report?
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1 Answer:

as far as your example shows, that's not an ad-hoc report, it'a simple report. With this simply create your report with iReport, it should hav all the three parameters (with correct datatypes List/String/Int whatever). Of course you do not hav to use all the three in the report query, just use the last.

Cheers, Thomas

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Thanks Thomas for you answer, was very helpful...

jalballay - 8 years 11 months ago