page loading problem with subreports and when using page footer in main report

Hi guys,
I've been working with a report which lengthen about to 14 pages. 
My aim is to develop the report with text only.. I just connect to database and write a simple query like select 1 as one. i.e, I'm not fetching any fields from DB and using it them either main or sub reports. 
I'm using 7 subreports in 7 different groups.. i.e, I'm deleting all the bands and working on newly created 7 group bands...for this report and I have added background band only.
Now I'm getting the output excellent with great look and feel.
**Question :** I just want to add page numbers to each page. For this purpose I'm using page footer... and I'm uploading the report to the server and seeing the preview. The problem is when I add page footer the report is not getting in the preview. I'm getting only the first page of the report and it is showing that the report is loading. 
How to fix this issue ?
Thanks in Advance and your reply will helpful to me .
Best Regards, 
SADAKAR Pochampalli.
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1 Answer:

Did you added Page footer in main report or in  subreports ?

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thanks for quick response.. I have added page footer for the main report. Not to the subreport

sadakar - 9 years 10 months ago

So,To identify the problem remove all the groups and put only page footer and see is it working or not,If it works so kept one by one group such that it is easy to identify the problem.

rsuddhala - 9 years 10 months ago

Thanks you :)

sadakar - 9 years 9 months ago