How to create different tabs in a dashboard?

I'm trying to put multiple reports on a dashboard but not on a single view but in different tabs, is that possible? How to do it? I'm not able to find that functionality on dashboard design page.


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3 Answers:

Dashboard has its own input controls, and customized URL link.... to create tabs in dashboard will not be possible as it will need coding to create tabs, you can create differnt links which will take u to different reports, and also a dashboard within a dashboard


In your main report which you will put on your dashboard you can create small tabs (static buttons) which will take you to different reports :)

Hope it helps


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Hi Kpant,
Thanks for the suggestion, but that probably won't work for us. As Ajinkya mentioned below, what we are looking for is actually a UI manipulation.
If this doesn't work out from GUI, we might decide to change/add custom code while integrating Jaspersoft within our application.

gnyanendra - 9 years 8 months ago

Hi Kpant,

Whatever you explain is workaround, But what i think that there is UI Samples option in jasperserver where we can see tabs in sample.

So can we use that tab in dashboard. If yes then how?



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Please go through the below link we have achieved it , if any issues please let us know

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