How do we Schedule Jasper Report Output to ftp server or location where jasper installed ?



I need  to  schedule the jasper Report to  server Hard Drive( Ex: C:\ Reports ).

So that I can Copy the Reports othe location /FTP automatically .

Please provide the steps.





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1 Answer:


If all answers fail, I might have a workaround

Schedule the report to be sent by mail with a certain Subject (Export report) and if possible have an email adress created for your reporting (
Depending on your mailclient at work (Thunderbird or Outlook) create a rule to store incomming files from a sender with a ceratin subject or from a certain emailadress  to a specifc folder (FTP)

If you use Thunderbird Mail install FilaQuilla add-on
If you are using outlook -> Use the following resource:

Good luck!

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