Not able to see data in domain when connecting to Oracle db

In JasperReports Server v5.1 I am not able to see any table structure in the domain designer when connecting to an Oracle database.  The reports that are built from the domains still work though.

If I open an existing domain imported from a previous version, I recieve the invalid objects message, which then lists every field in the selected tables when I click on Show Affected Resources.  When I create a domain from scratch, and select the schema I want to use, all the tables appear in the list, but when I click the plus to expand the table, no columns are shown.  

This is only affecting the one dataset.  If I select a different schema, I can access all of the tables fine, unless the tables overlap (In this case I selected an older jasper schema and could use all of the tables except for the QRTZ% tables which are also contained in the aforementioned dataset).  

When using the same dataset, but on SQL Server, everything works as it should.  This is only affecting the one dataset on an Oracle db no matter what the schema name (we have multiple schemas with the same table structure).

I am using JasperReports Server 5.1, on tomcat, installed with the windows installer using default settings.

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I am also facing same issue. Did you get and fix for that?

- Puneet

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