Supported tags in an HTML formatted text field

Is it possible to establish a definitive list of which HTML tags are allowed and interpreted when a text field is defined as markup=html?

In the documentation for the markup sample it is stated "If the html or rtf values are set, then the engine calls a dedicated markup processor class based on the use of the javax.swing.JEditorPane processor. The structured XML fragment is parsed according to the processing rules, and its content gets formatted as included style attributes require to be." but this does not define what is and is not interpreted.

I have seen comments and answers that state character formatting is supported but that positional code and items such as tables are not.

I am attempting to include data that is stored in a database that can be either HTML fragments or HTML documents.  For documents I am extracting items such as the "body" tag to be included in the report.  Some formatting and tags are represented correctly (colours, simple lists, fonts and font sizes [once the relevant font extension is created], hyperlink [present but not formatted]), however a number are not and/or seem to be overridden by the report styles for the field (such as the base colour).

It would be extremely helpful if we could get a definitive list of allowed tags and capabilities so we know what can and cannot be reported.

We have looked at the HTMLComponent but this has too many restrictions in its current form around expanding and support for page breaks/multiple pages.

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