IllegalArgumentException When Creating Ad-Hoc View

Brand new to Jasper--just got it installed today and started to evaluate.

I have created a Domain, which consists of four tables (one derived).  I am trying to create an Ad-Hoc view as the next step so I can start tinkering with creating reports.

When I create an ad-Hoc view, I highlight my domain and select "Choose Data . . .", and immediately get the following error (only pasted a small part of the stack trace):



Error Message

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: getObjectType for javaType: null returned null

Error Trace

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: getObjectType for javaType: null returned null at com.jaspersoft.commons.dataset.expr.ObjectTypeMapper.getObjectType( at com.jaspersoft.commons.semantic.impl.SchemaImpl.getObjectType( at com.jaspersoft.commons.semantic.dsimpl.SemanticLayerField.getObjectType( at com.jaspersoft.commons.semantic.impl.SchemaImpl.addItemsToPOByIdMap( at com.jaspersoft.commons.semantic.impl.SchemaImpl.addItemsToPOByIdMap( at com.jaspersoft.commons.semantic.impl.SchemaImpl.getPresentationObjectByIdMap( at com.jaspersoft.commons.semantic.impl.SchemaImpl.getPresentationObjectById( at com.jaspersoft.commons.semantic.impl.SchemaImpl.getPresentationObjectById( at com.jaspersoft.commons.semantic.impl.SchemaImpl.getPresentationObjectTypeById(


I haven't found anything useful by searching here or googling; although I do see some references to this error, none of them seem to apply to my case.

How can I go about troubleshooting this problem so I can move the evaluation forward?


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