Hyperlink from one iframe to another iframe in same page


I have a html page with 2 iframes. The first iframe contains my report which is a crosstab report.  What I need is when I am clicking on each item of crosstab, the details show in second iframe.

I almost tried all the possibility of hyperlink target and hyperlink type in ireport. but It wasnot successful my report always open in the first iframe itself.

I even tried custome target type, but adding on link parameters hyperlinkTarget='myframe'.


any suggestion to solve this issue?


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Hi minaeimi,


somehow my answer / comment is not visible here...

Some time ago, I posted something like a counter question if maybe jaspersoft does not allow to render into another iFrame than, since I tried to do so with various tactics and options to address the iframe to render my report into without any success.

Do you have a solution already?


Thanks and best, Andreas


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