Column Headers not visible when generating report in HTML Format


My report's preview works perfectly fine for pdf, excel and rdf formats. However, strangely, when I preview the report in HTML format, the column header labels disappear.

In the image above, you can see that the right side (html preview) shows no column header labels in the browser window.

Has anybody ever experienced this strange behaviour in jasper reports. Please let me know any suggestions to fix this issue.

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2 Answers:

Hi rohit,

Actually I have faced this issue in the spreadsheet case but it might work for you too, 

what you can do is identify the faulty column header and then check whether it is overlapping the adjoining column headers  or not, but if all is fine then you just try and delete that column header and then again you could put a static field and enter the header again , basically re do the header. That might work.




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Thanks Ankur,

I figured out the problem and it was something related to overlapping i guess. My column header labels were sticking to a line(seen in the image attached above) that I had placed at the bottom of the column header section. These items were not overlapping as such but there was no gap between them. In other formats, this worked fine but in html somehow this wasnt working. So i left a minute gap between the column headers and the line and the detail section. The report runs fine now! 

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Good to hear that ..!!

Ankur Gupta - 9 years 11 months ago