AWS JasperServer using RedShift - no OLAP features


We have an EC2 instance running of JasperServer hooked up to our RedShift cluster, this was a preconfigured instance when first installed. We’re interested in leveraging JasperServer’s OLAP features within this environment. When trying to access the OLAP menu we receive a message that this is not part of the JasperServer package currently installed.

Can you please explain why this is the case and what would be involved to get OLAP running within our current environment?

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1 Answer:

I confirm that OLAP is not available in the Jaspersoft BI for AWS offering. For a point-by-point list of differences between the offerings, refer to this page:

To have OLAP features you would need Jaspersoft BI Enterprise, which you could run on EC2 or on premises (or whereever you like).

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