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My company has decided to give Jaspersoft a try, therefore, I'm trying to install it. OS is RHEL 6.4, 64-bit. I'm using the OS-provided Postgresql and OS-provided Tomcat 6 with Sun's Java 6. I'm running the installer after a "su" in terminal (because I need to use a system-wide prefix in /opt) and select the corresponding options.

1. The installer complain port 8080 is used?! Of course it is, since I am runing my own Tomcat and I have told the installer so! How cna this be fixed without stopping the Tomcat?

2. The installer asks a Postgresql password. I'm using IP-vased authentication and therefore don't need passwords on accounts. Why the installer does not accept empty password?

3. Worst of all: the installer ask me where the "Tomcat dirctory' is. because it is OS-provided Tomcat, as UNIX says, it i spread into several directories (like /var/lib/tomcat6, /usr/share/tomcat6 etc.). Even if try to point the installer to the webapp directory (in /var/lib/tomcat6/webapp) is says this is 'not a Tomcat directory'?! WTF? What do I tell the isntaller if I want to use my own Tomcat and not the bundled one? The installation guide is silent about this (of course).

Any help on these, especially on the last well be much appreciated.

Also, does anybody know why I had to register 3 times with Jaspersoft in less than an hour? Once on their site, second time to download the trial and last time - here... ?! Even more ridiculous, when I was creating my last account ('Finland' is my company's country) and, because the phone number started with a '+' sign, the web site said it 'is not a valid Italian phone number - Italian phone numbers should only ...' Italy?! Italian number?! Not an encouraging experience for a newcomer whatsoever...

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