Can't edit data in iReport Chart tool

I'm trying to prepare a chart using iReport. When I drop the chart tool on template and try to edit data (right click-> chart data), and defining series name, I'm not getting the right data reflected in chart. Is there something that can be done to see the data showing up in chart?



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See the answer for clarifications.
Ankur Gupta - 9 years 11 months ago

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     I suppose that you know that there is a requirement of a seperate sub dataset other than the main dataset of the report. That subdataset has its diffrent SQL query and could be customized accordingly . But the thing which you need to take care of is that the fields for various entities in the chart should be chosen perfectly, so that they reflect the right data. And the last thing you need to focus is that there should be right placement of the chart element in the report ,i.e. mostly in the summary section . I am attaching a example of a pie chart  which uses a subdataset as New Dataset 1 and in the next pane is the specification for the Details like in this case Key Expression,Label Expression and Value Expression which should be carefully set

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