table component: broken export of group headers to excel

 I have several reports with complex header like this


when I export it to either xls or xlsx using Jasper Reports Server it prints like this (Excel 2010):



Column 1 height should be equal to Column 2 + Header height

Enviroment: Jasper Reports Server CE 4.5.1, tried latest version (5.0.4) - same (sad) result

Same thing happens when I export from iReport.

Do you plan to fix this bug? How can I correctly export such header to Excel (xls or xlsx)?

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1 Answer:

Check with jasperserver exporter properties for excel like "remove Blank spaces".

Best way go to tools and select exporter properties where you can able to see different properties that you can set for different exporter like PDF, excel.

And try to set that same properties in jasperserver environment.

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