Jasper Server Date Parameter

I am new to using Jasper and had designed a simple report which returns values based on a start date and end date from a SQL stored procedure, built using ireport.

In ireport, the start and end date parameters are set as java.util.date. The report runs in ireport when previewed.

I have then created input controls in Jasper Server to take these parameters and named them the same. These input controls use the data type of date.

The report does not run in Jasper Server. 2 issues. 1) The date calendat selector freezes and does not allow me to select dates. 2) When dates are entered manually, the report returns with no results.


My initial thought was that Jasper Server is passing the parameters to the SQL database in a different format that it needs.


To test this I created a new report, this time taken from a view - eg select * from view where AddedDate between '2010-01-01' and '2012-01-01'. The report runs with this format.


Can anyone suggest what I may be doing wrong with the parameters and why the calendar does not work?





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