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I am new to jasper. I am using jasper plugin version 4.7.1 . I am trying samples to display dynamic pie chart images (generated using jfree charts) in jasper reports. 
This image is not saved in the disk since it is created based on my db data. These images are sent to the report as parameter . when the image is rendered in the browser then my image name is displayed as follows : 
My image name is pieChart.jpeg but the above src displays "null" along with "img_0_0_1".
My Jasper  code is  as follows.
Can any one pls help me?
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Hi, If your application is a Web application and displays reports in HTML format, then you need to configure the "image servlet". The images inside the report are delivered to the browser on separate requests made to this special URL that needs to be configured. You can take a look at the sample Web application that we ship with JR source code, under the /demo/samples/webapp folder and see how the image servlet is configured there and how the HTML exporter is given the path for the images. If you do all this, the name of the image should no longer matter for you as the servlet will deliver them to the browser. I hope this helps. Teodor
teodord - 7 years 4 months ago
Thank You so much . I resolved the above issue by using image servlet.
prisalty - 7 years 4 months ago

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