How/where is the path defined for the "drilldown back button"?

When using ChartPro charts with a top-level report and a drilldown-report, the drilldown-back-button performed as desired.

When clicking the drilldown-back-button from the drilldown report, the browser would navigate back to the top-level report.

I've had to change my top-level report to an HTML5 chart. Now, when I navigate to the drilldown-report and click the drilldown-back-button, the browser navigates to the repository.

How can define the path for the drilldown-back-button such that the browser navigates to the top-level report and not the repository?  

Thanks for any help!

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Not to hijack your post but we've seen strange behavior with the back button as well. In our case we can return to the original report from the Drilldown report, but the HTML5 chart no longer appears. (All other content does)
StevenCrawford - 10 years 6 months ago

Hi I am facing the same problem when I do the drill down in the same page. If I select the graph it goes to the drill down report and when I select back button it goes back to the HTML5 chart page but the chart does not Appear.

raghavender.mulley - 10 years 2 months ago

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