Using RESTful web services to get report parameters / input controls

I am trying to use the rest_v2 inputControls service to get the input controls of a report and then dynamically create prompts for the input controls. The reason I am doing this is to add custom functionality that the built-in inputControls do not provide, such as auto-complete or a tree selector. However, the input controls that are returned from the service don't seem to have a way to add metadata that could be used to determine when/how to make a field auto-complete or a tree selector, etc. Has anybody done anything similar? I have done something in the past using the embedded Jasper Reports library, and for that I used the JRPropertiesMap to store properties on the JRParameters. I've looked a little bit into customizing input controls on the server with custom JSPs, but I'm not sure if that would be the best approach. Thanks!

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