scheduler "yesterday" issue...revisited


I know that this problem has already been debated several times in this forum and that solutions have been proposed but none of them seem to fit my personal needs.

Here is the problem:

I need to deliver every morning reports linked to the business activity of the previous business day (note that between 2 business days there can be weekends, national holidays and that each country follows a different calendar) All the calendar info is database-driven and the reports are based on stored-procedures taking a "report_date" input parameter. To meet those needs, I built a hidden SQL input control which automatically calculates the previous business day. When the report is manually run, the hidden input control value is calculated and the report behaves as

Problems start when using the scheduler, as it seems like the scheduler doesn't try to reevaluate the hidden SQL input control value before each run. I know that I can build a java class and call it from the report template, but that also means that my java class needs a clean way to connect to the database, probably by borrowing connectivity from the jasper application itself...can be done, but I end up doing much more work on this than I intended to.

Hence my question: is there a way to force the scheduler to reevaluate the input control values before each run ?



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