parameters that accept an externally built list

I have a website with an existing form that I wish to reuse with JasperReports, even if only for a demo phase. To take a shortcut, we are using the iFrame integration. I can pass parameters from the web app to the iFrame to filter the report and all is well. Except...

We have a multi-select box in the existing form. It generates a comma-delimited list of IDs to filter by. I have set up my query to use $X to manage the filtering list and this works in iReport, where I have set the parameter class to java.util.List. When I move the jrxml up to the server, this no longer works. I have tried deleting the parameters set up on the server and then the filter just doesn't get implemented because the value is null. I have tried creating the parameter on the server as a string and I get an exception that "the value must be an array or a collection." I have tried not using $X and I get an error that the value isn't an integer. I have not found a way to enable a list parameter that ACCEPTS a passed in list, as opposed to one that displays a select box to the user.

I would prefer to not have to recreate the entire form, which will be complicated to recreate, especially since we already HAVE the form working. There are actually 5 form fields affected by this problem in this form alone and 4 of them involve munged data.

How can I pass a comma-delimited list to an IN clause in SQL via URL variable?


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