noob question: information in jrxml not present on server

I've noticed a couple of areas in which having set things up in the jrmxl in iReport doesn't make that information available after the jrxml is uploaded to the server. For instance, I enter the query in the jrxml and then I have to enter it again in the server admin. I set up parameters and then have to set them up again in the admin.

This seems wrong; it seems like this information should be added to the server as well, but maybe that's not supported. Is this expected behavior?

I can get around the problem with the query pretty easily for now but I haven't figured out how to set up default value expressions for the parameters on the server. I have things that work in the iReport interface that don't work on the server and this is complicating my ability to debug.

Thanks for the help!

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1 Answer:

This looks odd, I don't think I fully understand the issue but just to double check are you using the iReport server plugin to deploy your reports to the server?

Like it's described in Chapter 9 of the JasperReport Server Ultimate Guide (

You can also see the Section 6 Deploying Reports to Jasperserver of the Online Training couse of iReport (that section is free) if the inline link does not work go to: and select "Developing Reports with Jaspersoft iReport Designer"

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