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Howdy, Running 4.2- commercial version. Loaded v1.4 of Jaspermobile app on my iPhone (running 6.1.2). I can reach login page with Safari on my phone, but attempts to connect with Jaspermobile return: 404 Not Found. The URI requested is invalid or the resource requested does not exists (sic) Server is: http://myserver:8080/jasperserver-pro Organization: someorg Someuser somepassword I've tried appending the / to the URL, and tried the IP address in place of "myserver". no dice. Any ideas? Thanks for your time and attention.
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The server version should be 4.2.1 or higher (this is when supporting REST API was added).  For best results, I would suggest a more recent server version, like 5.0.1.  The organization should be a valid id.  For example, the default we ship is "organization_1".

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