One Excel Sheet for each Subreport


Hi Guys,

This is really driving me mad.. I read everywhere but still can't understand why mine isn't working

I have a main report( a dummy query returning me only one row) and 2 subreports(each with its own header) found in two different detail band. The second subreport splits into multiple excel sheets!

The main report doesn't contain any groups.. its just a dummy query and has no links with the subreports.

This is what i did in the main report:

1. Add in Properties : Name=" "  with Value="True"

2. Set Igonre Pagination="True"

3. Added a Line element and set the Properties Expression: Name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.break.after.row"  and Default Value="True"

Then for the second subreport:

1. Set Ignore Pagination="True"

I just want one excel sheet for each subreports. But the second subreport is being split to multiple sheets... :(

Does anybody know what's the problem...?


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Did you ever get this to work?
wolverto - 6 years 6 months ago
nops.. :(
welsa.chy - 6 years 6 months ago

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