HTML 5 Pie Chart Problems

I am using Ireport Designer Professional (5.0)  and I am trying to add an HTML5 chart to my report.  I have a query that returns: 

Adam          2

Donnie       1

Jim              3

Manny         1

Mike             7

Owen           3


and I want that to populate an html5 pie chart with that data but I keep getting an error when I preview.  The report compiles file but I get this error when I try and preview the chart:  

"Error displaying report page.  See the console for details"  

There is nothing in the console and no further details are given.  

What could be the cause of this error?   Are there examples of how the new HTML 5 charts are used that I could follow and test out?  



Also, half of the time I open the Data Axis tab in the chart data, the information I had entered has been wiped.  Is this a bug in the system?  




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1 Answer:

This article: uses pie charts as one of the examples.

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