html5 charts are not available in the pallette

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I installed  5.0.1 on both mac and windows

I searched on google.

I looked at the plugins

I looked for any preference

I searched this list


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3 Answers:

The text of your question does not contain a product name (or a question). 

But it sounds like you're looking for iReport Professional and JR Pro or JRS Pro. You can get iReport Pro for a 30 day evaluation here:

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The ultimate iReport guide does not say anything about iReport Professional or JR Pro being required to work with html5 charts in iReport 5+.  Either the document is inaccurate or this is a bug.  Can someone please clarify this? My company does not want to pay for a professional license if it does not have to. I would have posted this as a comment but the system is preventing my account from being able to do so.


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HTML5 charts are a professional-only feature.


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