How to use $X{} with data type of long in Jasper Server 4.7.0

I have a parameter control to select a sponsor id and I use this selection in an input control to multi select for a list of providers.  What I would like to do is pass the list of provider id's back to the sql to generate the report.  I am able to use  $X{} parameter passing the provider name.  I am not able to use $X{} passing the provider id.  Provider name is of string data type and the parameter on the report is set as java.util.collection.  When I use provider id which is of long data type with the parameter on the report set as java.util.collection, the jasper server passes 0 = 0 back to the report instead of passing the multiple id's that I have selected in my input control.  Can I use id's in a multi select input control using $X{} and if so, how do I pass the correct information to the sql. 

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