Problem in integration Jasper report with apex


I have apex 4.0.2 installed and we are working without any problem. I have installed ireport designer and designed my report and  connected it to my apex using JDBC. then I downloaded apache tomcat 7 for the integration with changing the port.

I have downloaded Jasperreportsintegration 1.3.0 and installed it in my workspace using the import has been installed successfully but it's giving me this Installation status in the installation tab:

failed to parse SQL query:
ORA-00942: table or view does not exist

I also didn't follow the steps mentioned there :

Step 1: Grant execute on utl_http    

In order to call the JasperReportsIntegration from the database, you need execute privileges on sys.utl_http.

1- I don't know how to do that.please help me

2- where should I copy my reports into tomcat?

3- is there a missing step like installing jasper library somewhere




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I went back and followed the steps in SQL>@xlib_base\_sys_cre_user.sql it's requesting four values. define USERNAME=&&1 define PWD=&&2 define DEFAULT_TABLESPACE=&&3 define TEMP_TABLESPACE=&&4 what should I write? is there a specific value??
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