Welcome to Jaspersoft BI for Amazon Web Services (AWS)


This isn't a real question... but instead it's a welcome message with a few best practices about asking questions related to Jaspersoft Business Intelligence for Amazon Web Services (Jaspersoft BI for AWS).

Some questions may really be specific to the Jaspersoft BI for AWS offering. Those should definitely get tagged with "AWS". (There are folks at Jaspersoft specifically monitoring questions that get tagged like this.) A large percentage of these users will be working with Amazon Relational Database Service or Amazon Redshift. Be sure to tag the questions appropriately with RDS and MySQL or SQL Server or whatever the database technology is.

Most questions about Jaspersoft BI for AWS will be more general questions about JasperReports Server or iReport. So you should post those as standard JRS or iReport questions linked to those projects. BUT... please also tag the question with the "AWS" tag.


By the way, for anyone who comes across this post and has no idea what Jaspersoft BI for AWS is. You can read about it on the page Jaspersoft for AWS.

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