How to set automatically a primary key variable.


to begin with i am not a native speaker, so apologies for my english.

As a part of a projekt i need to use Jasper ETL to migrate data, because i am relativly new to all of this,

i have some troubles making any progress.

I want to make a new primary key for my target scheme. So i tried to
use the sequence, because i couldnt find something else.
This doesnt work because the result of the numeric operation is
Integer and the DataType is BigDecimal. Is there a way to make
an autoincemental PK for my target scheme?

Another thing is, that i would like to purchease some material on
Jasper ETL that might help me to further my abilities in the Programm
an resolve a lot of my Problems. I dont quiet understand how the
"Join", or the "Convert" component are working and i have also trouble
split a table into various new once. My biggest Problem is how i cant
translate the reationships between the contents of tables after i have
altert my Database structure, like split up tables in different new
once or merged some attributes from different tables into a new one.

Perhaps you can help me with this problems, i would be more than grateful.

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