Print Result wasn't Same With Print Preview

I tried to print directly using iReport. Result like this:

Print Result


But when I exported to pdf or odt. It was okey. Result like this:


ODT Result:

ODT Result


PDF Result:

PDF Result


I tried using JRViewer too. Tried print directly to my print and has got like that. I tried to using doPDF to export to PDF. Maybe It's got same result as my printer but no. It's good just like JasperReport exported to PDF format.


My Printer: HP Deskjet 2000 using USB port.


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2 Answers:

What's the page size you declared in the JRXML? Is it the same as the paper you're printing on?

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Blank A4. I tried export to ODT/PDF and printed it. I got good result.

holyknight43 - 10 years 1 month ago

Hey, same problem here. Page Format is set to A4 and printer is loaded with A4 paper:

  • Printing an exported PDF: no problem
  • Printing from internal viewer: the page looks oversized and cannot fit the paper.
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