Adding Images to cross tab row headers

HI - hope someone can help me on this.  I'm using iReports running against Oracle 11g.

I'm using a crosstab report to show sales of products by salesrep.  Products down the rows, salesreps across the columns.  i think that's one row group (products) and one column group (salesreps)

For the row header for the row group, I currently have 1 field - the Product_Name.

i want to add an image of the Product to the row header - so the row header would contain two fields Product_name and Product_Image.

- Product_Image shouldn't be a separate row group - because there is a 1:1 relationship between Product_name and Product_Image.

I don't seem to be able to get any output when:

- I try to make the Image it's own report group (but I don't really want to do that anyhow - see above)

- I try to add a second field into the Product_name report group header.

Has anyone tried to do something similar?

Both adding extra fields ino a heading group, or added an image into the headers?

I have seen at least one posting suggesting that you handle the pivot in the database and then just create the report from the pivot table.  However, i think this is going to be a problem for me because I don't know in advance how many rows or columns the pivot table will create.

Any ideas welcome, please...





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