Excel formula not calculating when using IFERROR and propertyExpression

I'm using jasper reports 4.7, and I'm working on creating an excel report using the IFERROR excel function.  Here is an example of one of the text fields I am using


However, when I open this up, Excel has #NAME? in the cell.  If I edit the cell, but don't make any changes to its contents, the formula is calculated correctly.  If I remove the IFERROR function from the above propertyExpression, the division calculates fine in my excel file.  Do I need to do something else to get the IFERROR function to calculate properly?
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1 Answer:


The IFERROR() function is not recognized by Excel 2003. In this case it should be replaced by IF(ISERROR(...), ... , ...).

But for Excel 2007 or newer, IFERROR() is the right function, indeed. In this case, please upload a file containing your sample formula.



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