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I need to create a chart. I am getting parameter from java .
My java code
public static List randomData() {
     List   listOfCostSales  = new ArrayList();
       listOfCostSales.add(new CostSales(10.2,1));
       listOfCostSales.add(new CostSales(20.2,2));
       listOfCostSales.add(new CostSales(30.2,3));
       listOfCostSales.add(new CostSales(40.2,4));
   return listOfCostSales;
parameters.put("listOfCostSales", randomData());
jasperPrint = JasperFillManager.fillReport(jasperReport,parameters,dataSource);
Then In Ireport I created a chart . In main dataset I created a parameter listOfCostSales as list and cost and month. And created a subdataset Chartdata with listOfCostSales, sale, month.
In chart data 
Connection/DataSource Expression, I used Use connection expression from the drop down and set value 
Parameters Map Expression
cost  $P{cost} and month $P{month}
I don't know what is wrong with my code. I can't access elements of list. I am getting null key ..
For testing Printed month and cost by drag droping. I am getting null
Please help me .I am struggling with this for last two week. Almost googled most of the sites and failed to find out the answer.
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