Configuring JasperSoft Repository with iReport Desginer & OpenERP

I originally had OpenERP installed on my Windows Server (X.X.X.108 IP).  OpenERP was at localhost:8069 and JasperServer on localhost:8080.

We then changed to a Ubuntu installation so now the OpenERP is at X.X.X.100 (a virtual machine Ubuntu installation on the windows server).  So we access OpenERP, from the windows server, as X.X.X.100.  But we access the old JasperServer Installation still at X.X.X.108.  But how can I have that JasperServer read the reports I am creating and saving in iReport?  Because it seems to be reading the old repository.


Im using OpenERP 6 and JasperServer 4.7.0 and iReport 4.7.0.

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