JasperReport with Table - No Pages?

I'm trying to create a report with a table tied to a dataset. I put the table into the Detail band in my report, and place a title in the Page Header band. The dataset is very simple and I'm able to preview information in the query editor. However, when I attempt to run my report, it tells me that there are no pages to display, as if there was no data.

I did a lot testing and what I've found so far is that I can successfully run my report ONLY if I some kind of query on the report level. I do not use the results from this query at all, I'm merely displaying the data in my table. I must be doing something wrong, but I've been unable to figure out how to resolve this. From what I can tell, a JasperReport is incapable of running unless there is a report level query, no matter what that query is. Should I change my report to not use a dataset and instead use the report-level query results? Or is there a configuration option that I'm missing that allows the report to default to the subdataset? I'm using the latest iReport, 5.0.1.



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If you want table in detail you need to write the report level query. If you want to avoid report level query you need to place the table in summary band and set the option for when no data present as "All selection,no detail"
shravanmudumba - 9 years 5 months ago

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