Uninstall JasperServer 3.7 (installed via WAR distribution)


I installed JasperServer 3.7 by a WAR distribution on my Ubuntu server.

There is no uninstall script in the JasperServer directory. How can I uninstall JasperServer properly? I would like to retrieve a clean Ubuntu system, without any elements of JasperServer.




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1 Answer:

Unfortunately, there is no uninstall script for the WAR file. You need to remove the following (example with tomcat/postgres):

rm <tomcat>/webapps/jasperserver
rm <tomcat>/conf/Catalina/localhost/jasperserver.xml
rm <tomcat>/work/Catalina/localhost/jasperserver (not really required since temp storage)
rm <tomcat>/lib/<postgresql>jdbc.jar (Optional. This is the postgresql driver - keep it if you use it for other things)</postgresql>
rm <home>/jasperserver.license (Pro only.  <home> is the home folder of the user Tomcat runs under.)

Remove the following databases:

jasperserver, sugarcrm, foodmart

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