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I' m trying to use jasper reports with php and it works without datasource. Now i'm trying it with an xml datasource. See Following Code Snippets:

$document = $_SESSION['xmldocument'];
$input = new JavaClass("");
$JRXmlUtil->JRXmlUtils.parse($input ($document));
$params = new Java("java.util.HashMap");
$params->put($JRXmlXPath->JRXPathQueryExecuterFactory .PARAMETER_XML_DATA_DOCUMENT, $JRXmlUtil);

Can anybody help me?

This is part of the error:
"java.lang.Exception: GetProperty failed: [[c:JRXmlUtils]]->JRXmlUtils. Cause: static JRXmlUtils (with args:).

Thank you


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I have never used the PHP/Java bridge, so can help you there. Have you tried using JasperServer in the backend and the PHP Wrapper to access the JasperServer Web Services APIs. I have a sample here:
marianol - 8 years 3 months ago

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