Pro Charts won't display/print

When I export my pie graphs I created using Chart Pro,  the word document says "Flash Component".  Is there a way to get my pie graphs to appear in word?  Is there a way to change my graphs to images when exporting? 

Another problem I incountered was when I exported the same pie graphs to PDF.  The graphs was exported correctly, but when I tried printing the PDF, nothing was printed.

P.S. When I used the standard charts rather than Chart Pro, all my graphs appeared and printed just fine. 

I am using ireport 4.7.1

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Hi Sunny,

Flash chart appear only in PDF or HTML. No Word.

Maybe you can check Jaspersoft  Support since you are using Professional edition? Did you try HTML5 charts output? It's more stable than charts pro.

Happy charting,


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Thanks for your input Olga.

I can't find the HTML5 Charts option in the ireport palette... Is there a way that I could have hide the HTML5 Chart icon?  Every other element in the palette is there though.

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Hi Sunny,

For HTML5 Charts you would need to upgrade to iReport 5.0. That's new functionality for that version.



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I cant see the Html5 chart button on my pallete... this will be good for my issue creating charts on iReports... you know if its onl for enterprise edition? or that is available for comunity too??



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It is only for the professional edition. I had to upgrade to find the HTML5 Charts.

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Dear Techies,

I never used fusion charts in past and i am facing some basic issue, could anyone help me out to understand the same.

Here is my problem

I have a dashboard with 4 charts in one page in ireport designer along with one cross tab report which is sub report i am calling in this page. Everything is working fine after deployment to server i am able to see this output of all 5 components (4 charts and 1 sub report) but when i export the dashboard to PDF in first view dashboard look fine as soon as i zoom in or zoom out the PDF only chart size is getting change but axis font remains same size but the sub report which have in same page works fine even i zoom in or out fonts and getting increase and decrees.


Hope i explained my problem, kindly help me with your valuable tips





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